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2005 Teacher of the Year
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Becky Yoder

TOYS 2005 Becky YoderBecky Yoder earned a dual degree in Elementary and Special Education from Slippery Rock University. She began her teaching career in special education with the Cornwall-Lebanon School District in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. She spent five years teaching in Pennsylvania before joining Kent County Public Schools as a half time kindergarten teacher at Rock Hall Elementary School in 1996. She is currently a full-time, full-day kindergarten teacher. She is a member the school’s Parent/Teacher Association and has served as teacher liaison since 1996. She is a member of the School Improvement team (SIT) and chairs the Instructional Support Team, which provides early referrals for assistance. Becky says "Success happens in my classroom due to individualized instruction, hands-on learning throughout the day, and nurturing the self esteem of every child."




U.S. Department of Education Star Schools Program