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Online Courses for Professional Development

Curriculum Strategies for Reading

Teacherline Courses

Online Courses for Professional Development

Online courses provide a convenient way for you to keep up-to-date on the latest in your profession.

Here are some suggestions for middle or high school teachers that focus on literacy.  They are sponsored by PBS’s TeacherLine.

To enroll in a class, visit the Think Career section. Each course can be taken for graduate credit from Indiana University and Adams State College for an additional fee.

Children's Authors on the Web: Online Sites that Motivate Students to Write
(Grades K-6)
Connecting with authors often motivates students to do more reading and writing. By exploring websites dedicated to published authors, students begin to see authors as real people with both ordinary and amazing life experiences and writing as an exciting adventure as well as a structured process. This course is designed to help teachers advance their student’s skills in reading, writing, and communicating in different forms.  Participants will explore and evaluate online author studies and the websites created by and for children’s authors. This fully facilitated, online course allows teachers to share ideas about children’s authors and have discussions about working online with elementary-aged students. Participants also create an author study related to their curriculum that is enhanced by the use of Internet resources.

Teaching Writing in the Content Areas
(Grades 6-12)

You can bring writing into your classroom in all content areas with a practical plan developed through your work in this course. Covering the research basis for writing across the curriculum, the course will also help you teach students effective writing processes, including finding the time to write.  You'll learn sound techniques for evaluating writing skills and discover proven ways to promote writing to students.





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