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About EnviroHealth Connections
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About EnviroHealth Connections

General Resources

About EnviroHealth Connections

Entertain, educate and enlighten your students when you bring the environment into your classroom.

What Is EnviroHealth Connections?

EnviroHealth Connections is a gateway to multi-media resources for middle and high school students and teachers. These innovative materials help students explore the significant relationship between the environment and human health. This project brings imagination into the classroom through interactive investigations, expert presentations, comprehensive lesson plans and more.

The standards-based resources were developed through a partnership between Maryland Public Television and the Center in Urban Environmental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Why Is This Important?

The environment plays a key role in many common health issues including cancer, asthma, allergies, poor nutrition, lead poisoning and more. It is important for students to have useful tools to gather and understand information about current environmental health issues. The resources developed by the Envirohealth Connections project help students understand what impact they have on their environment, and what impact the environment has on their health.

Integrating environmental health resources into the classroom brings relevance and meaning to the curriculum by actively engaging students in critical thinking and gathering and analyzing data.

What Resources Are Available?

  • Comprehensive Lesson Plans

    Teacher-tested lesson plans are aligned to state and national standards in science and health, math, social studies, and language arts. The lessons cover environmental health topics related to air and atmosphere, water, food, cancer, toxicology, and societal issues.

  • Teacher Discussion Highlights

    Educators share thoughts and ideas about environmental health topics, and tools and tips to effectively bring those topics into the classroom.

  • Q&A with Environmental Health Experts

    Let your students hear from professionals in the environmental health field and learn about exciting careers and possibilities.

  • Expert Presentations and Other Resouces

    View expert presentations and uncover engaging environmental health activities for all grade levels.

  • Investigate EnviroMysteries

    Explore EnviroMysteries videos, companion web sites, lesson plans, and a collection of online interactive environmental health scenarios.

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