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Think Literacy

Think Literacy
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Reading Strategies

You know these students... the ones who struggle to read, barely keeping up with assignments, missing crucial content, and falling behind.

You would love to make sure they can succeed. But the question is... How?

Check out these curriculum strategies for reading.

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Online Clips

Do you need a short clip of video to compliment your activity or lesson? No problem. Browse through our language arts category to find a clip that suits your needs.

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Online Field Trips

Knowing Poe
Do you know Poe? Explore the mysterious life and haunting works of Edgar Allan Poe, one of Maryland’s most renown literary figures. But beware, there's something stirring in the darkness!

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ITV Programming

Into the Book - Behind the Lesson
MPT Instructional TV: Elementary and Middle School
Saturday, October 25, 1 am
In the professional development videos, we go Behind the Lesson as teachers demonstrate how they are using reading strategies effectively with their students. Programs combine actual classroom footage with dialogue and personal reflection on instructional practices. These videos go with the student series, Into the Book.

Sharp Wits
MPT Instructional TV: Elementary and Middle School
Wednesday, October 15, 1-2:30 am
The Sharp Wits are a group of young detectives who embark on "educational" mysteries to learn more about library, writing, math, science, and social studies skills.


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Online Courses

Children's Authors on the Web: Online Sites that Motivate Students to Write For K-6 (2 credits)
Registration: 8/22/2008 - 10/20/2008
Course Dates: 10/21/2008 - 12/2/2008
Fee: $300

Connecting with authors often motivates students to do more reading and writing. By exploring websites dedicated to published authors, students begin to see authors as real people with both ordinary and amazing life experiences and writing as an exciting adventure as well as a structured process. This course is designed to help teachers advance their student’s skills in reading, writing, and communicating in different forms.  Participants will explore and evaluate online author studies and the websites created by and for children’s authors. This fully facilitated, online course allows teachers to share ideas about children’s authors and have discussions about working online with elementary-aged students. Participants also create an author study related to their curriculum that is enhanced by the use of Internet resources.

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Lesson Plans

Use Thinkport’s advance search to find language arts lesson plans by keyword. A Thinkport search can bring you the best lesson plans from Thinkport, The Library of Congress, Thinkfinity and PBS Teachers. Once you log in to Thinkport, your search results can be personalized


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