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The certification process determines if educators have the qualifications and training required by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).  

All Maryland public school teachers, specialists and administrators are required to maintain certification. Some special educators, who work in nonpublic schools, may also need valid certification.

Check your certification online

You can obtain your certification by either:

bullet Completing a college or university state-approved educator preparation program

Holding a valid, out-of-state professional certificate and submitting verification of 3 years of full-time satisfactory professional experience

bullet Meeting transcript analysis requirements
bullet Completing a Resident Teacher Certificate program

Also, according to MSDE (07/01/1999) you are required to complete additional reading course work before applying for a Maryland certificate.

bullet All certificate holders have 3 semester hours in inclusion of special needs populations.

Early childhood, elementary,  and special education teachers, at these levels, are required to complete 12 semester hours.

bullet Secondary, N-12, and secondary special education teachers are required to complete 6 semester hours.



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