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We've got the tools, now how do you make them work for you? Thinkport offers you step-by-step How-Tos on how to use our tools and the latest equipment to integegrate technology into your teaching.

Thinkport Owner's Manual

Discover the educational riches of the Web site through this easy to follow "how-to" video.  Teachers will see how to use the tools and resources on the site to plan a unit of study.  The program will demonstrate how to search for and access video clips, online field trips, and lesson plans.  A suite of innovative tools makes planning, saving and sharing work a snap.  Use for yourself or tape this program and conduct a Thinkport training at your school using the online training manual below as a guide. Check out our  Instructional Television Service for broadcast times to record the video. (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the documents and is available for free!)
Thinkport Owner's Manual Training Guide 
Thinkport Owner's Manual Overview
Resource Sheet #1:  Registration Steps
Resource Sheet #2:  The Search Function
Resource Sheet #2a:  Example of Search Results Page
Resource Sheet #3:  Adding Resources to Your Idea Box
Resource Sheet #4:  Searching for and Viewing an Online Video Clip
Resource Sheet #5:  Instructional Television Service
Resource Sheet #6:  Online Field Trips
Resource Sheet #7:  Modify a Lesson Plan or Student Activity
Resource Sheet #8 & 12:  How-Tos
Resource Sheet #9:  Choosing a Template/Organizer Customizing and Print
Resource Sheet #10:  Looking Up Technology Terminology
Resource Sheet #11:  Browse the Online Course Catalog
Resource Sheet #13:  Building a Web Site
Resource Sheet #14:  Browsing the Community Calendar

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