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Classroom Management
Preparing For a Successful Back-To-School Night
Get the New School Year Off to a Good Start
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Preparing For a Successful Back-To-School Night

TOYS Discussion - Back to school night imageHave a successful Back-To-School Night for parents with tips and hints from Maryland's Teachers of the Year. Whether you are a brand new teacher or a veteran, Back-to-School Night can be difficult. Careful and thorough preparation can help you succeed with confidence and clarity. This night sets the tone for the entire year; it’s the event that can open the door to trust and cooperation.




Question: What are some tips, strategies, secrets, or advice you could give to new teachers to help them prepare and thrive during Back-to-School Night?


  • Create a welcoming classroom atmosphere:
    • Smile at parents as they enter the room
    • Provide refreshments
    • Offer alternate times to meet if parents are unavailable
    • Display student work
    • Be yourself - the way you are with the students
  • Initiate communication with parents and get parents involved:
    • Ask parents to sign in and write down their email/phone number
    • Try to talk to each parent personally
    • Ask parents to introduce themselves and say who their child is
    • Create/share a classroom website. If a parent was absent, they can see what they missed
    • Share upcoming resources like extra-curricular activities, web resources, or other resources that relate to the subject matter
    • Share dates for parent/teacher conferences and class expectations
    • Provide extra copies of important documents (course syllabus, book lists, etc.
  • Approach Back-to-School Night as a team:
    • Prepare a presentation
    • Allow parents to meet all teachers if possible


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