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As a teacher, you work hard to give your students the most compelling and comprehensive learning experience possible. Thinkport is here to help.

Lesson Plan

The Desert: A Great Place to Live

Is the desert really that unbearable a place? In this lesson students learn about what kinds of plants and animals thrive in what is generally considered a harsh environment.

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Learn to Use Media in Your Classroom!
Our lesson plan and video clips can help you integrate media into your classroom.

Professional Development Activity

Using Media Effectively Video
Part 1
- Windows Media or Real Player
Part 2 - Windows Media or Real Player
Part 3 - Windows Media or Real Player
Part 4 - Windows Media or Real Player
Part 5 - Windows Media or Real Player

State Standards

The entire Maryland State Curriculum is available online. Look for a particular standard or browse through all standards relating to your subject area.

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