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Reading Tips

As you craft lessons and activities, think about making use of the graphics that illustrate the text.  How can they add to your students’ understanding?

Discover other tips for helping students improve their reading skills. 

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Thinkport's Student Activities, Lesson Plans, and Projects, align to state and national standards, are infused with technology and span a wide-range of grades and subjects.

Thinkport provides lesson plans from the following:

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Thinkport activities include teacher directions and all the materials and resources students need to complete the assignment online or by hand.

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Newest Additions

Radius, Circumference, and Diameter, OH MY! -- Students become the teachers in this activity as they learn about and then create a "teaching" poster to represent the three parts of a circle.

Positively Negative? -- This activity provides practice opportunities for students in the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of integers.

Listen Up! -- In this activity, students learn how to listen to a speaker and practice good listening skills. They explore a Web site and decode a message by listening very carefully to directions.

1, 4, 9, 16 What Happened to the Numbers in Between? -- In this middle school math activity students will calculate powers of integers and square roots of perfect square whole numbers.

Dimenxian Part 1 -- Navigating the four quadrants of a coordinate grid is an important skill to be sure. Students find it to be an extremely exciting skill when then are desperately searching for four weather stations while being chased by Sentinals.

Thinkport offers comprehensive lesson plans created with the Thinkport Lesson Builder as well as thousands of high-quality lessons from PBS Teachers, MarcoPolo, The Department of Education, and the Library of Congress.

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Doctor DeSoto's Foxy Persuasion -- In this lesson, students utilize the Newbery Medal Honor book, Doctor DeSoto, and its accompanying Thinkport video clip to explore the techniques of persuasive writing.

Extreme Flashlight Tag -- In this hands-on, cooperative lesson, students are introduced to the world of geometry transformations through a PowerPoint presentation. Students learn about rotations, reflections and translations using manipulatives and visual aids.

Making a Connection -- How do government community workers impact our lives? Students are introduced in this lesson the concept of government workers and how their jobs are different than others.

Seeking Justice -- Who bears the burden of pollution? Does this vary from community to community? Find out in this high school environmental justice and geography lesson.

Something Fishy -- In this lesson students will explore the dangers of eating high levels of mercury and learn how small amounts of mercury in water accumulate in greater quantities in organisms higher in the food chain.

Tap into the latest online learning adventures through Thinkport's projects. These web-based team activities will challenge your students and help you unleash the power of interactive learning.

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