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Reading Tips

Use a web browser and the Internet to find alternate texts and enrichment materials that are a good match for your readers.

Discover other tips for helping students improve their reading skills.

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Internet Links

Where can you find a link to what you need among the millions of Web sites available? Thinkport has found some of the most useful links for educators. Browse through one of our categories, or use our advanced search to find a site that's exactly right for you.

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Newest Additions

Absurd Math: Pre-Algebra from Another Dimension
Four episodes of interactive mathematical problem solving ask kids to rely on their pre-algebra skills to negotiate tricky environments full of mystery and doom at this award-winning site. In Episode 1, a powerful being has been captured by a cult of pollution makers and you must help save this creature and the mathematical knowledge it holds. And that's just the beginning.

Presents a wide array of multimedia showing many different kinds of artists at work. Also includes fun and creative interactives in the “KidZone.”

Ask Dr. Math
If you need an answer to a mathematics question fast, Dr. Math is the place to turn. Sponsored by Drexel University, the site includes an enormous archive of past questions students have asked. If you can't find it there, you can always write to Dr. Math.

Cool Math Games For Kids
A collection of some of the traditional (Tower of Hanoi and Lemonade Stand) and not so traditional (ArithmATTACK) mathematical games of logic and skill.

Egypt's Golden Empire
Take a tour of the site and you'll find biographies, a "day in the life" interactive, a richly illustrated timeline, a virtual image library, an in-depth section on hieroglyphs, and an archive of free, on-demand video clips--which are also integrated into the site's eight lesson plans.

Figure This!
This National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' math site for middle school families offers math challenges to work on, together with supporting documents to help family members develop their role as their children's first teachers.

Graph Paper - Mathematics Help Central
Various sizes of graph paper to print, Mathematics Help Central

Math Maven's Mysteries
Calling all math detectives! Mysteries are popping all over town, and our chief sleuth needs your help to crack each case. Help Your Kids with Math Homework
This site features an abundance of explanations for parents, along with online calculators and other tools that can help family members point their students in the right direction. This is a commercial site, but offers many free and useful resources.

A collection of games of logic that help young mathematicians pose hypotheses and try them out, building their reasoning skills and having fun at the same time.

presents important mathematical ideas and allows students and teachers to experience math in ways that it is experienced by mathematicians and scientists. Through fun activities and real world applications (tied to the NCTM standards), the project allows students to see what mathematicians actually do.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
This site, created by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, takes advantage of the newest web technology to help elementary students explore and learn about the many styles and techniques of fine art.

National Geographic Education Network
Teaching resources, professional development and networking for educators.

Off the Map
Showcases unique “backyard paradises” created by visionary artists. Also includes online interactives and classroom activities.

Online Math Activities - King School
From King School in Kankakee, this site provides links to a wide variety of kid-tested math interactives, many of them gleaned from the sites sponsored by the BBC and the Shoder Foundation. Web sites are grouped according to math topics.

PIZZAZ! Creative Writing and Storytelling Ideas
Site dedicated to providing creative writing and oral storytelling activities with copyable handouts for use with students of all ages. Also includes resource links for poetry and fiction.

Show Me
Fun educational interactives based on collections from U.K. museums and galleries. Covers a mind-boggling range of content.

Tate Online
Showcases the Tate art collection. Includes fun interactives for kids and lesson ideas for teachers.

Virtual Abacus
Site visitors can test drive and learn from a virtual version of this ancient Chinese device.

Virtual Field Trips
A site that makes abstract concepts become more concrete. Useful for children who are visual learners.

Visual Fractions
A collection of interactive visualizations that helps students work with and understand the relative value of fractions.



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