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PBS Kids Lab

PBS Kids Lab - Powered by a Ready to Learn Grant

PBS KIDS Lab Offers Expanded Learning!

Visit PBS Kids Lab to help children ages 2-8 build math and literacy skills using fun games, mobile apps and other resources. The website is ideal for parents, teachers, early educators, child care providers and families.

Explore and experience the PBS KIDS Lab today!


MPT is proud to be the recipient of a Ready to Learn (RTL) grant, Expanded Learning Through
Transmedia Content
. The initiative uses the power of media and curriculum-based content to engage
and educate children ages 2-8. The centerpiece of this project is the educational website  PBS KIDS Lab, a multi-platform, digital collection of lessons, games, activities, mobile apps and whiteboard resources for home, after school and classroom use.

Project Resources and Technology
PBS KIDS Lab is designed to help children develop early math and literacy skills in a 21st  century framework. The content is drawn from PBS KIDS’ award-winning programs such as Super WHY!, Curious George, Sid the Science Kid and The Electric Company.

  • MPT’s outreach efforts are focused across several Title 1 communities in Baltimore City.

  • The goal is to expand MPT’s engagement to early care providers/educators and afterschool/summer programs to provide children with additional opportunities to learn both inside and outside of school.

  • The anticipated outcome is children will learn more playing educational math and literacy games across correlated multi-platforms than from a single interactive.

  • Through the RTL project, MPT is introducing new technology (mobile devices, laptops and whiteboards) and professional development training to partner programs.

Community partner agencies include:

  • The DRU Judy Center at John Eager Howard Elementary School
  • The Judy Center at Moravia Park Elementary School
  • St. Francis Neighborhood Center
  • The Y of Central Maryland/College Gardens Community Center
  • BELL at Dickey Hill Elementary/Middle School
  • BELL at Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School

Community Events/Activities
Follow us on  Facebook or Twitter to learn about upcoming community events, special programs and more information about this innovative initiative.

For more information, please email



U.S. Department of Education Star Schools Program