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Interactive Resources

Access multimedia, news, resources, and research in early learning:

  • Zero to Three (Webinars)
    Watch webinars and web-based conference calls from Zero to Three’s Policy Center.
  • Child Care Aware Network (Webinars)
    Turn to the CCAN and hear from experts who offer tips and guidance on important topics in early education.
  • MSDE Approved Online Training Organizations
    Get connected to approved training providers in Maryland.
  • NAEYC Radio
    Tune in to informative radio shows for the best and latest insights on early childhood education. Monthly themes cover everything from creating a safe emotional climate for children, to the role of digital media in early education.
  • PBS Parents
    Let PBS Parents be your trusted guide to using media and technology effectively. Reinforce the skills introduced in PBS KIDS programs and learn the ages and stages of children and media.
  • PBS’s Child Development Tracker shows expectations for what an average child might achieve within a given year.
  • Child Development
    Listen to experts in the fields of early childhood education, child development and physical education for news you can use to encourage the healthy growth and development of kids in your care.
  • Parent Involvement - Keys to Success
    Childhood professionals can access a variety of guides and podcasts to encourage and engage parents as partners in education and child development.
  • Essentials of Early Head Start
    Explore a three-part series on Early Head Start practices and performance standards which take a look at some of the fundamental principles of caring for infants and toddlers.
  • Free Parenting and Early Childhood Professional Webinars
    Parents and early childhood professionals can link to informative free webinars presented by child care experts to get information about quality child care.
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
    This organization periodically provides audio recordings and podcasts summarizing recalls and other product safety news.




U.S. Department of Education Star Schools Program