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Student SCOPE Projects

Financial Literacy - Student Projects

Ready to have some financial fun and play great games? Take a look at several creative, interactive projects created by students!

Joanna's Party
Help Joanna plan her
party budget.
Bob and Wally
Play a game to calculate change
and identify wants and needs.
Merlin helps you
calculate interest.
Skeeter, Jack & Bruce
Skeeter teaches Jack and Bruce about
spending plans.
Bill and Alfred
Shop with Bill and learn about
needs and wants.
Help Adelina make
financial decisions.
Finding Nemo
Nemo's friend Larry
learns about saving.
Dancer's Dilemna
Learn about a savings account, deposit slips, withdrawal slips and the rule of 72.
Knight in the Kitchen
Decide what you need,
not just what you want.
Save the Princess
Test your knowledge of financial
literacy topics.
Financial Squirrels
Finance and Scruffy discuss debt
and the advantages of saving.
Money Quiz
Practice your computation skills
with money questions.
City Squirrel
Max talks about saving money in
a bank and earning interest.
Crazy Cat Financial Game
Crazy Cat teaches you about
wants and needs.
Jake's Questions
Jake asks questions
about wants and needs.
Princess Persephone
Go shopping with the Princess
and help her stay within her budget.
Cactus Bill
Learn about financial literacy
from Richard and Bill.

Get some financial literacy
advice from Sunshine.

Renting an Apartment
Help Sam rent an apartment.

Dan the Dragon
Dan the dragon
explains insurance.
Dancin' Dude
This dude raps about
savings accounts.
Gobo explains the
70-20-10 Rule.
Budgeting Money
Help Terra stay within
her budget.
Friendly Octopus
Explore your wants, needs,
and goals



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