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Podcasting and Your Family

Podcasts have changed the way a lot of people communicate with each other about everything from allergies to xylophones.

MPT ResourcesThis brief sampler gives you some idea of what the world of podcasting is all about.

You can either download these podcasts to your MP3 player or view them online.

For Teachers

KidCast: Learning and Teaching with Podcasts
Author David Schmit provides weekly tips on how teachers can help kids create their own podcasts.  The March 21 episode features interview tips and student responsibility contracts.

Nauset Public Schools: Technology News from the Nauset Public Schools, maintained by Kathy Schrock
IpodNoted educator Kathy Shrock created these podcasts, focusing on the intersection of technology and teaching.  Kathy also provides a link to the Education Podcast Network, a network that bills itself as “a multicast society of speakers and listeners, listeners and speakers, teaching and learning in a life and time of change.” It’s a great place to find other educational podcast sites.

For Families

Mommycast, "Holding the world together, one child at a time"
IpodThis twice-weekly podcast features chats by the two moms that created this podcast, as well as interviews with parenting experts, creating a virtual support community for families.

Pediatrics for Parents Podcasts
Go right to the source to find answers to your kid’s medical problems. Podcasts available here include interviews with pediatricians throughout the country, talking about issues such as migraine headaches and children’s sleep patterns.

And, now, for something different . . . .

A Spoonful of Russian "Learning Russian one bite at a time "
Brief lessons in speaking conversational Russian are presented by native speaker Natalia Worthington. In some episodes Emily, age 9, joins her to learn Russian words for everyday items.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn provides an audio book of this American classic, so you can read the text and listen at the same time. Other audio books available include Grimm fairy tales, poems by Edgar Allan Poe, and classic short stories such as Saki’s “The Open Window.”

Video Podcasts

NASA’s Brain Bites answers a whole spectrum of kid-generated questions about space and space travel, including the reasons why a snowboarder is very much like an astronaut.
Fantastic and exceptionally artistic digital underwater footage from around the world is available here.




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