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Susan Farneth

FarnethSusan Farneth
Mary H. Matula Elementary School
Media Specialist and Technology Coordinator
Charles County


To see technology at work at Mary H. Matula Elementary School in Charles County, just turn on the news. Every morning, the school’s media specialist and technology coordinator Susan Farneth creates a broadcast with students. Student anchors read from a PowerPoint teleprompter for the closed-circuit television broadcast. Farneth’s integration of technology into learning doesn’t end after the morning news. She developed a countywide curriculum for integrating technology with reading instruction, as well as a broader elementary library curriculum. She frequently trains other staff members, recently on wireless lab use, and created an LCD projector manual being used throughout the school system. Her commitment to technology in education has led her to successfully seek out grants and community partnerships to acquire new hardware and software.




U.S. Department of Education Star Schools Program