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Bill Barnes

Bill Barnes pictureAs a content leader in his school and a leader in the school system, Bill shares his technology integration skills with educators and colleagues, modeling effective uses of videos, calculators, the Internet and multimedia software. He's presented at many educational conferences throughout Maryland, impacting over 300 colleagues statewide.  Bill is also a member of Baltimore County's SSMART team, which works to provide staff development to math teachers across the county.

Bill maintains his own Web site where students can correspond through a discussion group, download copies of last year's tests and quizzes, examine Baltimore County Public Schools' indicators, and check to see who qualified as the "students of the month." One of his students explains, "He posts homework and upcoming quizzes, and he has a link to Dr. Math, which also helps. I think it is great, and he should have this Web site for his future students, too."

Bill sees technology as a way to open new doors to his students. "Mathematics is a challenging and often abstract discipline that has been known to scare off more than a few individuals," he says. "However, through the use of instructional video, instructional software, graphing calculators and the Internet, my classroom has come alive. I have used the lessons that I developed through NTTI and EnviroHealth Link to take my students on virtual journeys to places that they otherwise might never visit."



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