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Welcome to Thinkport’s Student Activity Center! Your teacher has directed you to this student activity to help you learn more about the topic you are studying.

Title: Remembering Slavery
Audience: Middle
Duration: 45 Minutes
Subject Area(s):
    Social Studies
Grade Level(s): 5,6,7,8

Student Directions:
While many people were discovering new freedoms and opportunities in colonial Maryland, others were finding that the New World only offered a lifetime of slavery. Find out how slavery arrived and grew in colonial Maryland.

1.0 History: Students will examine significant ideas, beliefs, and themes; Organize patterns and events; and analyze how individuals and societies have changed over time in Maryland, the United States and around the world.

Grade 5

3. Analyze the growth and development of Colonial America using a variety of primary and secondary sources

c.Analyze the impact of slavery on enslaved and free Africans and colonists in Colonial America

The Students will:

Students will be able to explain the significance of the following events about slavery in Maryland:

1634: Mathias de Sousa arrives aboard the Ark

1638: A bill of rights excludes slaves

1642: Mathias de Sousa becomes a member of the Maryland Assembly

1662: Laws for servants and slaves become stricter

1664: Slavery is legalized in Maryland


The Students will:

Students will be able to explain the significance of the following events about slavery in Maryland:

1692: New law protects slaves from cruel treatment

1698: Parliament opens the slave trade to all merchants

Directions: Visit the Investigate a Slavery Timeline to access information about the way slavery developed in colonial Maryland. Open the Investigate a Slavery Timeline under The Colony Grows section of the site. Click on the "Begin the Interactive" button. When the next page appears, click on the "start" button to go to the timeline. Once on the timeline, click a dot on the timeline to access information about slavery in Maryland.

Investigate a Slavery Timeline This interactive timeline provides you with an opportunity to learn about the course of events that established the institution of slavery in colonial Maryland.
  How did slavery progress in Maryland?

Directions: The teacher edition of the Dear Granddaughter Handout contains sample answers of what students might include in their handout. These are merely guidelines and students' answers may differ from the samples and still be accurate.

Teacher Version Dear Granddaughter  (View)

Directions: Open the Ask an Expert interactive below. Choose ?Ask an Historian?. Scroll down and select the question ?How did the role of Africans change in early Maryland?? Use the information from the interactive complete the Mathias de Sousa worksheet below.

Ask an Expert

Historical experts including archaeologists, historians, and historical interpreters answer questions about life of early settlers in this interactive from the "Maryland Roots" online field trip.
  Were blacks ever free in Maryland?

Directions: Put facts from Mathias de Sousa life in order on the worksheet below. Then use the information to explain how life for Africans changed in Maryland.

Mathias de Sousa worksheet  (View)

Mathias de Sousa answer key  (View)

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Author: Laurel Blaine
Modified by: MPT