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Branded Dui

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Branded D.U.I. is a compelling video that explores the consequences of underage drinking and driving through the words and thoughts of eleven young people arrested for drunk driving. It is a joint project of the Administrative Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association and the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings. Branded D.U.I. delivers a powerful message as teens describe what it is like to go to jail, be on probation, lose their driver’s license, miss out on school activities and sports, attend alcohol programs, lose college scholarships, and in the case of two teens, live with the knowledge that they are responsible for taking a life. Branded D.U.I. has been embraced by educators, attorneys, judges, and other State officials, and has been endorsed by the Maryland Judiciary, the Maryland State Department of Education, and the Motor Vehicle Administration. It has been distributed to every high school and college in Maryland, all driver education schools and probation offices, and many other State agencies.

Estimated episode length: 35 minutes

Number of episodes: 1

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Call 410-229-4121 to arrange for a judge to discuss film with students

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Call 410-229-4119 for DVD copies

View the preview clip at: mms://

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