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Collaborating to Differentiate Instruction  (3 credits)

Provider: Johns Hopkins Center for Technology in Education (CTE)

Graduate credit is not available for this course

This course provides an overview of differentiated instruction with a focus on when and how to implement differentiated strategies to enhance learning. Participants identify, analyze, implement, evaluate, and reflect upon various differentiated instructional strategies. Participants will learn to identify differentiated instructional strategies by analyzing current theoretical research and authentic classroom examples.

The most supportive environment for this course should include Maryland K-12 educators, heterogeneous classes, urban/rural/suburban schools with minimal available technology; computer with internet accessibility. In order to provide the best instruction to our students, we need to enhance our instructional delivery practices by differentiating our instruction to meet the needs of all learners.

Course Refund Policy

Courses are currently a $150 a credit with early registration discounts.

25% off per credit (9/4 - 9/24). Discount to be applied at checkout.

Course Refund Policy


Fee:  $450
Course Format:  Facilitated
Grade Level: 
Certificate Options: 
Type of Credit or Clock Hours:  MSDE Professional Development Credit
Duration:  8 weeks
Estimated # of Hours of Work each week:  5
Syllabus:  No Description Available   
Contact Info:

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Contact Kristen Winter at CTE at or call 410-516-9821 during regular business hours.

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Pre - Requisites:

· Basic understanding of Microsoft Word including a familiarity with cutting and pasting text.
· Ability to save/download files to a local PC/Mac.
· Ability to open and save email attachments to a local machine, and attach documents to emails
· Familiarity with the online course delivery platform. A free tutorial is available from CTE for online course participants to meet this prerequisite, if needed. Contact CTE at for details
· First-time online course participants should view the tutorial, How to be an Effective Online Learner. This tutorial is offered through Thinkport as a free, non-facilitated course.

Required Text:

There are no required texts for this course, all of the resources are online.

Technical Requirements:
  • Internet access
  • Web browser (Course sites are best viewed with Internet Explorer, version 4 or above)
  • Active e-mail account

All online course technical support questions should be sent to: