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Learn about Thinkport at MICCA

The MICCA Conference is one of the largest educational technology conferences in the mid-Atlantic region, and continues to grow each year. This year's conference will take place on April 27 and 28, 2004 at the Baltimore Convention Center. If you plan to attend, be sure to check out Thinkport's booth on the vendor floor, and consider visiting one of our sessions:

The Interactive Classroom - Using Thinkport Resources to Invigorate Learning
Tuesday, April 27 from 8:30 - 9:30 am (Session 1), Room 330
Take an in-depth look at the many exciting ways Thinkport can assist in integrating technology into classroom instruction. Explore Thinkport's extensive media-rich content, including lessons, activities, video clips, online field trips and much more - and all aligned with state standards.

Tools of the Trade - Using Thinkport's Innovative Tools
Tuesday, April 27 from 12:45 - 1:45 pm (Session 3), Room 330
Learn about the exciting and innovative tools waiting for you on Thinkport, a dynamic, free Web site for Maryland's K-12 education community and families. Using Thinkport tools, see how easily you can build a classroom Web site, create an instructionally sound lesson plan or activity, and save and share materials in your own Idea Box.

Web-based Classroom and Professional Resources: Thinkport
Tuesday, April 27 from 2:00 - 3:00 pm (Session 4), Room 330
Learn how Thinkport, a free Web site developed for Maryland educators, can benefit teachers, students and families. Explore site offerings including media-rich classroom resources aligned with state standards, and online tools to aid and enhance instruction and professional development.

Thinkport's Student Activity Builder
Tuesday, April 27 from 3:15 - 4:15 pm (Session 5), Room 312
Need an activity for one class period tailored to your grade and subject you teach? This presentation will focus on Thinkport's Student Activities and Activity Builder. Learn how to access ready-made activities or use Thinkport's tools to create or customize your own activity aligned to state and national standards and infused with technology.

Set Your Professional Course to Include Online Learning
Wednesday, April 28 from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm (Session 7), Room 320
Delve into the world of online courses and investigate what it is like to take a class virtually. Discover how you can search for, enroll in and take an online course using Thinkport. Thinkport offers facilitated and non-facilitated courses for MSDE credit from both Johns Hopkins Center for Technology in Education and PBS TeacherLine.

The "How to" Guide for Using Video Effectively in the Classroom
Wednesday, April 28 from 3:15 - 4:15 pm (Session 10), Room 313
Maximize your use of video in classroom instruction. You'll learn techniques to make video work successfully and effectively with your students. Then explore the availability of free video resources to use, such as a library of downloadable video clips available on Thinkport, and over 300 hours of instructional programs broadcast on Maryland Public Television.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Technology in Education is also presenting several sessions:

Teacher Compass: A Tool for Generating High Quality Teacher Observations and Evaluations
Tuesday, April 27 from 8:30 to 9:30 am (Session 1), Room 312
Teacher Compass, a Web-based application developed by Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education, is a powerful, time-saving tool for administrators that expedites the observation and evaluation process. Learn how principals using Teacher Compass conduct thorough observations, monitor teacher improvement, and provide teachers with rapid, high quality feedback.

Tuesday, April 27 from 3:15 to 4:15 pm (Session 5), Room 313
Are you interested in setting up an effective cycle of instruction in your classroom that makes the most out of cooperative learning and integrating technology? The GLOBE Tech cycle of instruction can help you get more out of each period you spend with your students.

Creating a Learning Environment to Support Technology Rich Instruction
Wednesday, April 28 from 12:45 to 1:45 pm (Session 8), Room 330
In this workshop educators will plan and design effective learning environments and experiences supported by technology through interactive teambuilding and community building activities. In addition, participants will leave with a bank of strategies to effectively establish a learning environment that meaningfully integrates technology. Through the investigation of various interactive web-based tools teachers will use technology to enhance their productivity and professional practices.



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