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Being a Motivator
Considering Readability
Matching Texts to Readers
Use Valid Assessment Strategies
Methods of Responding
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Matching Texts to Readers

Curriculum Strategies for Reading

Strategies for Helping Readers

Matching Texts to Readers

More Comprehensive View of Readability

Reader/Text Match

Since readability formulas focus on only two text variables, they are of limited use in matching real books with real students. To effectively match a reader with a text, variables within each must be considered.
Matching the Reader to the Text In Scenario #1, below, an average reader is matched to a text of average difficulty, a highly desirable pairing. In Scenario #2, an unskilled reader is mismatched with a text that is too difficult. The student will be frustrated and the teacher would have to make major modifications. In Scenario #3, a skilled reader is mismatched with an unchallenging text. Although occasionally an acceptable situation, long term growth in reading may be affected.


Reader Text Match

Considerations for Matching Readers with Texts

Keeping the scenarios in mind, teachers can make effective matches between the reader and text by looking at both the readers and the text. The following charts provide additional information in both of these areas.

Reader Text Match


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