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Program Features and Guides

Make the most of the ITV Service! Choose from the following helpful resources:
bullet MPT's ITV  Service Schedule

Rights Information about shows 


Classroom Tips for using Instructional Television

bullet Contact Distributors of Educational Programs

Teacher manuals are generally available for each series in this schedule. The activities and information in the manuals are very helpful in effectively reinforcing and integrating the content into a total lesson plan. See the individual program pages for information on ordering teacher manuals. Manuals should be saved and re-used in subsequent years.


Please call (410) 581-4135 or e-mail:

WMPT, Channel 22, Annapolis WCPB, Channel 28, Salisbury
WWPB, Channel 31, Hagerstown WGPT, Channel 36, Oakland
WFPT, Channel 62, Frederick WMPB, Channel 67, Baltimore
Affiliated with PBS, APS, NAPTS



U.S. Department of Education Star Schools Program