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Science online clips

A Pad for Frogs
Learn simple steps to build a frog pond in your backyard.

Backyard Wildlife Habitats
Creating a backyard wildlife habitat is a small step people can take to help species displaced by development.

Branching Out
Attract numerous bird species to your backyard by adding elements to your backyard wildlife habitat.

Call of the Wild
The Department of Natural Resources Wild Acres Program can help you plan your backyard wildlife habitat.

Developing a Treatment for Celiac Disease
Alba Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company based in Baltimore. They recently moved to the region to work with the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Alba has raised $30 million in a Series A financing and has completed the first human trial for a drug to treat Celiac Disease. According to the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, one out of every 133 Americans suffers from celiac disease. People with Celiac Disease have an autoimmune reaction to Wheat, Rye, Barley and Oats. Currently there is no cure for Celiac Disease and the only treatment is to stay on a Gluten Free diet. Dr. Paterson joins us from their new labs in Baltimore to discuss the status of their clinical trials, and also talk about the business of working with a university.

Gardening for Butterflies
Attracting butterflies to your backyard is simple when the right elements are added.

Journey of the Longnecks
Canada geese return to the fields along the Chesapeake Bay to feed in the fall. Winter forage for geese is provided on private lands by Eastern Shore farmers with the help of state funding.

Kiss the Fish
Outdoors Maryland weaves the stories of Marylanders who struggle with constant change in "the natural order" as the state's resources are pressured by an ever-increasing growth in population.

National Aquarium Puffin Exhibit
Bob the Vid Tech visits the Puffin Exhibit at the National Aquarium of Baltimore.

National Aquarium Rainforest
Bob the Vid Tech visits the Rainforest Exhibit at the National Aquarium of Baltimore.

National Aquarium Seal Exhibit
Bob the Vid Tech visits the Seal Exhibit at the National Aquarium of Baltimore.

Tapping the Mountain Sap
As spring approaches, the Stoyer family prepares for the sap gathering process, a family tradition that has been theirs for generations. The Stoyers are one in only 16 licensed maple syrup producers in Maryland. These dairy farmers use the profits from their maple syrup to help pay for feed for their cattle.

Water Reclamation Plant
In this segment, Bob the Vid Tech examines wastewater treatment at the Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant. Discover what happens to water as well as pollutants such as cooking oil and grease after they go down the drains of homes.

Wetland Cleanup
Bob the Vid Tech is on a quest to find out why wetlands are important and how plants keep water clean. In this segment, meet a group of volunteers who protect wetlands by planting trees, testing water quality, and picking up trash.

What Can Your Messaging Technology Do for You?
Integrating messaging has become a vital part of conducting any business. From getting email on the run to communicating directly with employees and clients, the job of keeping communication flowing is growing more complicated as technology increases.

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