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Sample Student Activities

Pattern Maker

Looking for a way to help your students build their spatial sense?  Pattern Maker – a special combination of art and geometry -- might be just the right tool for you.

Use Pattern Maker
Activity: Tessellate It!


Create Your Own Museum

If your students were designing their own museum about history, art, or any other topic, what might they choose to put on display?  Give them a chance to find out with Create Your Own Museum.

Use Create Your Own Museum
Activity: A Celebration of Neighborhoods
Activity: Extraordinary Exhibits


Annotate It!

Want students to really examine a text to build their own unique understandings? Annotate It! is the tool for you.

Use Annotate It!
Activity: Fractured Fairy Tales Peer Reviews
Activity: Annotating Poetic Elements Using Annotate It!


Timeline Builder

Need a timeline to enliven content or track student projects? With the Timeline Builder, you can do all that—and more.

Use Timeline Builder
Activity: Timing the Civil War
Activity: Harriet Tubman: Ahead of Her Time



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