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Social & Emotional Skills

Social & Emotional Skills

Getting Along and Building Self Esteem

Preparing kids emotionally for the transition from time with Mom and Dad to "school" time can be tougher on some kids than others. And have you ever met a two-year old who likes to share?  It takes time and practice to feel comfortable working with others. Children learn best in an atmosphere that encourages cooperation and values respect.  When children are encouraged to be proud of what makes them special, they start to develop positive self-esteem. 

These suggestions can help you build a comfortable learning environment as children play with and learn from each other in everyday situations:

  1. Establish clear rules and routines, and involve children in their development.
  2. Encourage children to play with others – at least some of the time.
  3. Praise youngsters for getting along, and point out the benefits.
  4. Help children understand others’ points of view.
  5. Talk with children about their feelings, helping them to recognize the feelings as well as label them.




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