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About Digital Channels
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About Digital Channels

As of August 20, 2007, MPT's digital channel offerings include both SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) programming. This new technology allows us to transmit more programming on a single channel (multicasting). The channel allocations are detailed below. MPT viewers who wish to receive these offerings may do so by one of several ways.

MPT Broadcast

This a free service delivered over-the-air, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by 6 transmitters located throughout the state. Viewers wishing to see these offerings will need special television equipment in order to pick up the new digital signals. This equipment may include an antenna paired with either a television set or tuner capable of receiving digital broadcasts.

It is important to note that the FCC has ordered the return of broadcast channels 51-69 by February, 2009. After February, 2009, our broadcasts will continue to be free of charge, but they will be entirely digital. Those MPT viewers who currently receive our over-the-air signals via set-top "rabbit ears" will have to purchase new digital television equipment by that date in order to continue to receive our free service.

Viewers need not wait until February, 2009 to purchase this new equipment since MPT is broadcasting these signals now. Those who upgrade will be delighted with the crystal clear reception that is the hallmark of this new technology.

Older Analogue TV Sets

Older analogue TV sets will require a digital set-top tuner and either an exterior or set-top antenna. The tuner will convert the new digital signals so that they may be displayed on an older analogue television set. HD programming may be seen only if the digital tuner can "down-convert" the HD signals to SD for display on the older set.

Digital TV Sets

Digital TV sets already have a digital tuner, but will require either an exterior or set-top antenna.

Set-top digital tuners can be purchased online or from electronics retailers in the area.

In order to receive free, over-the-air broadcast signals you will need a television antenna that is capable of receiving broadcast signals 2-50. There is no such thing as a special "digital or HD antenna." As long as a reasonably good signal is present, your new receiver can decode the new digital broadcasts. Depending on the distance of your home from one of our 6 transmitters, you may need only a small, set-top antenna. If you live in an area with many obstructions, or quite far from our transmitter, you may require a roof-top antenna. Please consult with an area television antenna installer for installation advice.

Cable or Broadband Customers

MPT's digital channels are also available through Comcast Cable or Verizon. Please consult with your cable or broadband provider to determine the appropriate package and eqiupment.

Satellite Customers

We currently have no digital carriage agreements with satellite providers. Direct TV and The Dish Network do not carry our digital signals at this time. However, MPT is working to ensure that our programming becomes available to viewers using satellite providers.


MPT Digital Channel Allocations


Channel 22.1 – WMPT Annapolis/Crownsville
Channel 28.1 – WCPB Salisbury
Channel 31.1 – WWPB Hagerstown
Channel 36.1 – WGPT Oakland
Channel 62.1 – WFPT Montgomery/Frederick Counties
Channel 67.1 – WMPB Baltimore/Owings Mills

Channel 220 – MPTHD Comcast

Channel 806 – MPTHD Verizon


MPT Select

Channel 22.2 – WMPT Annapolis/Crownsville
Channel 28.2 – WCPB Salisbury
Channel 31.2 – WWPB Hagerstown
Channel 36.2 – WGPT Oakland
Channel 62.2 – WFPT Montgomery/Frederick Counties
Channel 67.2 – WMPB Baltimore/Owings Mills

Channel 200 – MPTSL Comcast

Channel 880 – MPTSL Verizon



Channel 22.3 – WMPT Annapolis/Crownsville
Channel 28.3 – WCPB Salisbury
Channel 31.3 – WWPB Hagerstown
Channel 36.3 – WGPT Oakland
Channel 62.3 – WFPT Montgomery/Frederick Counties
Channel 67.3 – WMPB Baltimore/Owings Mills

Channel 201 – V-ME Comcast

Channel 881 – V-ME Verizon




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