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Ready to Teach Field Trip Reading Study

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Research Summary, brief


Research Summary, extended


Orc Macro Research on Technology Effectiveness


Press Release


Article in eSchool News

An independent research firm released data showing that Thinkport's online field trips are helping students read and achieve. Research, conducted in two Maryland middle schools, showed that middle school students who used the online field trips scored higher on national standardized reading comprehension tests than those who used traditional learning methods alone.

Approximately 400, 7th and 8th graders from two Maryland public middle schools, one urban, one rural, participated in the study conducted during the 2003-2004 school year. The evaluation, conducted by ORC Macro, a Maryland consulting firm, as part of a "Ready to Teach" grant awarded to MPT by the U.S. Department of Education, showed a statistically significant difference in reading comprehension between the control group and the treatment group. Specifically, the study showed that use of the online field trips in classroom instruction:

Improved students' reading performance on the Gates-MacGinitie Standardized Reading Test and pre-post content assessments.
Improved reading comprehension most significantly among the poorest readers.
Improved reading comprehension among low-income students.

The online field trips, developed in consultation with reading experts, provide students the opportunity to virtually explore, learn, and retain curriculum content through highly interactive experiences and activities. Reading enhancements such as professional narration of primary source material, vocabulary lists, and teacher support materials and instructional strategies were developed in conjunction with the field trips. These associated lesson plans and classroom activities can be used to build phonics skills, vocabulary, and comprehension of content knowledge.


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U.S. Department of Education Star Schools Program