Middle School Science

Literacy Lessons in Science

In this collection of science-themed literacy lessons, students read primary and secondary texts on science topics to learn and practice literacy standards.

STEM Collection

Browse our STEM activities, which give students practice using the engineering design process to solve real-life problems and design solutions.


This website provides an overview of Mid-Atlantic climate change and classroom resources for teaching climate literacy.

Changing the Balance

Students examine the science behind climate change in a digital exploration and blog told through the eyes of an inquisitive and environmentally-conscientious college student visiting Kenya.


Students explore the Chesapeake Bay through digital tools, and serve as virtual research assistants for a video production company looking for stories about the science of the bay.


Through intriguing videos and web interactives, students become detectives investigating the connection between the environment, how we feel, and why asthma, cancer and mysterious viruses seem to be on the rise.

Meet the Experts: Environmental Health

Watch video clips from experts in the environmental health field, with careers in water testing quality, environmental health coordinator, meteorologist, and more.