explore space

Join MPT camp counselor Krissy for some out of this world fun!

Ages 3-5

Engineer a Rocket Ship

Using paper and string, your child will create a pulley system that sends a gliding rocket ship soaring through space.

Moon Rock Painting

In this activity, your child will recreate the texture of regolith and then use it to paint a paper moon.

Fourth of July Rockets

Get ready for the Fourth of July with these fun Independence Day rocket decorations using some basic supplies and recyclables.

Ages 6-8

DIY Rocket

Construct a rocket out of recycled items and household materials, then count down to your very own liftoff and fly around!

Make Planet Cake Pops

Explore the different planets in our solar system while baking bite-sized replicas with your child.

Moon Landing Game

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 — the space flight that put the first people on the moon — with a board game that is out of this world!

Invent Your Own Planet

What if you lived on another planet? Illustrate your new place in space with a printable Bortronian Power Cube Presentation.