upcycle inventions

Krissy, your MPT camp counselor, knows how to invent summer fun. What can you invent this week?

Ages 3-5

Cozy Cardboard House

Make a cozy crawl-and-play space out of cardboard to ensure your child won't get hurt or stuck.

DIY Binoculars

Transform a pair of toilet paper rolls into DIY binoculars by using a little duct tape and some imagination!

Create a Shape Kite

Build a paper bag kite with your child and decorate it with shapes to learn more about lines, sides and angles.

Make Jet Packs

Create hours of adventure and fun with just a few recycled materials by making this jet pack for kids.

TP Roll Maracas

Make some music with these colorful maracas crafted from recycled toilet paper rolls!

Ages 6-8

Tin Can Robots

Inspire and encourage a range of creativity with recycled goods and household items by making your own tin can robot.

Upcycle Jump Rope

Transform ordinary bags into plarn (plastic + yarn = plarn) to make jump rope.