Using Primary and Secondary Sources - Conquer It video
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(Visual description: Graphic shows title "Using Primary and Secondary Sources" as upbeat music plays. Dissolves to two students sitting at a table in a library

Jasmine: Omar, tell us a little bit more about Eleanor Roosevelt.

Omar: Sure! Eleanor Roosevelt was a politician, diplomat and activist committed to human rights
(Visual description: Camera switches to over-the-shoulder shot of Omar's computer which displays a black and white image of Eleanor Roosevelt. The image enlarges to full screen.

Omar: She was married to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was the 32nd president of the United States.
(Visual description: Another image slides across the first, this one of Mrs. Roosevelt with her husband. Shot switches back to Omar and Jasmine at the library table.)

Jasmine: Cool! So there’s probably a lot of sources on Eleanor Roosevelt.
(Visual description: Shot switches from a 2-shot of Jasmine and Omar to a close-up of Omar)

Omar: Yeah, that’s just the thing. There are so many different sources that I’m having a hard time distinguishing between primary sources and secondary ones. Can you help?
(Visual description: The shot is from behind Omar, and we see his screen with the image of Mrs. Roosevelt, then finishes on a two-shot of Jasmine and Omar.)