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marian anderson.

Image credit: Library of Congress

Ok, now let’s try to analyze a new primary source photograph using the 3-step method we just reviewed. My friend Rachel is doing her project on Marian Anderson, a famous and admired singer who also played an important role in the struggle by African American performers to overcome racial prejudice.

Here’s a photograph of Marian Anderson singing at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Take a moment to study the photograph. In fact, you can take a really close look by clicking the the link below to see a larger photograph and zooming in to notice all the details.

>>Marian Anderson Singing at the Lincoln Memorial, April 9, 1939

Now complete the next section by typing your observations, reflections, questions and any ideas about the photograph that need further investigation. If it's easier for you, click the link below to print the document and fill in your responses.

>> Primary Source Analysis Tool