Guided Instruction – “We do it”

The second step of the GRR framework is the guided instruction phase, also known as the “We do it” phase. The guided instruction phase lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, during which time the role of the teacher shifts – he or she is no longer lecturing to the class, but instead is helping to facilitate a discussion with the class.

GRR image of two triangles side by side, one inverted, with the Guided Instruction section highlighted

During guided instruction, the teacher prompts and facilitates students through small group learning activities that increase their understanding of the content.

Before beginning the guided instruction phase with her class, Ms. Hager took a few minutes to discuss the lesson – and its purposes -- with her students. In the following video, Ms. Hager explains more about the guided instruction phase of the GRR framework.

GRR Guided video

Now take a moment to read the following tips to learn what guided instruction is and is not.