GRR Framework in Action

The Gradual Release of Responsibility framework fundamentally changes the role of the teacher. Whereas teachers are often thought of as lecturers who impart wisdom, this four-step process turns that model on its head. In the GRR framework, the teacher’s real role is as a facilitator. The teacher sets the stage and prompts the students to work together to find answers on their own even though there are points of direct instruction in the GRR framework.

One of the keys to the GRR is flexibility. The four phases of the framework do not have to be taught in a linear manner. Rather, teachers can advance through each phase, or take a step back to repeat a phase, so that the student learning process is dynamic and responsive to their needs.

GRR image of two triangles side by side, one inverted, representing teacher and student responsibility

The GRR framework is a fluid instructional model that supports teachers in building capacity in their students as they move back and forth between each phase to master new skills.

Watch the video below to hear Ms. Hager’s final thoughts on the GRR Framework.

GRR In Action

GRR in a High-Tech Classroom

Watch the following video clip to see how teacher Joshua Cook implements the Gradual Release of Responsibility framework in his hi-tech classroom.

GRR In Action